Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy


Visitors’ privacy has meaning a lot for our website that bring together when any visitor comes on our so popular online news channel. However, we keep the entire collected information secret either away from access of third party as it considers our responsibility to keep visitors privacy secure all the time. Therefore, when any visitor joins our web pages it can be classified in a range of ways are explained below;


Direct information:

That information brought together from the visitors, which they gave us in shape of commenting below our posts, posting documents and by contacting us by email or via any other source for a variety of goals, all are believed so respectable to us those who provide us data, hence everything is safe.    


Indirect information:

We have set a rule to remove all indirect information attained from the visitors those who join or stay connected our website that respects and confess of the visitors’ behavior, information and all other aspects. Our team members are certainly responsible with aim to take good care of our beloved visitors, as well worry about their personal information; hence it has been prominently asked that that data is collected discloses only prototype and IP address to act in response in effective and proficient way in close to future.


What or How We Amass Information:


Here we need to clarify one most important thing is that our online news point just amass or collect data or information via both directly or indirectly ways, makes sense that talks about significantly on higher place so if anyone has intention to support us through its public profile placing its message in comment section as well linking us via our social platforms, in case one thing should be remembered that we just IP address considers as indirect information, even though it doesn’t include any private data. In case prototype to act in response, in efficient means in next, there is no use of illegal manner.


Nonetheless, the sever of our website called amasses just IP address and name of the visitors which is given us by the visitors, although we are reasonable to keep all given information safe with aim to act well in response in future when identical visitors joins our online platform another time.


Information Security:


We do all possible things to keep secure and safe our users’ personal information in our online news hub but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stolen because there is nothing safe on internet in this world as hackers are also part of this field. Nonetheless, our team carry out all possible struggles to keep protected all provide date from our visitors because that believes our actual aim to respect our users well but we can’t give 100% guarantee of protection just because of hacking or other illegal ways.