Congresswoman Wilson Attacks Back at Trump, Claims Niger Is His Benghazi


It seems to be that Donald Trump has to pay a lot to Rep. Frederica Wilson as frequently referred her as a “wacky Congresswoman,” while she hit back US current president on October, 22, 2017, said the ambush in Niger that left four USA soldiers dead “is Trump’s Benghazi” and asked the president to apologize to nation from White House chief of staff John Kelly.


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The Florida Democrat took her Twitter to publish, “Niger is @realDonaldTrump’s Benghazi. He needs to own it,”

However, tension went higher between Wilson and Trump for about a week after United States president made a condolence call to Myeshia Johnson, who is the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, one of the soldiers those shot dead in the ambush in Niger previous this month.


Reality is that, Rep. Frederica Wilson is reported to be close to Johnson’s family, when Mr. Trump made call, he said her Johnson “knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt.”


On the other side, all family members of Johnson’s family have also confirmed Trump’s call to Myeshia Johnson, although no claim came yet from the White House that Trump haven’t spoken those words by talking her.


When Trump asked during an interview with Fox Business about his call issue, replied saying that Wilson’s account of the call made him “very surprised” as his call to Myeshia was based on good words. Trump also claimed he explained name of Johnson in the phone discussion, while Wilson spoke he didn’t announce during talking to Myeshia.


Nonetheless, it didn’t happen first time, Wilson has brought to mind the 2012 attack on a US diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya, that became cause of four Americans’ death. It also has made possible years-long investigations into the circumstances of the attack and whether the State Department, under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, gave birth of any charge for what had took place.


On October, 22, a Republican on the Senate intelligence committee, Sen. James Lankford, made public on CBS, president Trump has to reveal what occurred to Johnson including the rest of the soldiers who were also part of the incident in Niger. He also added US president should face the nation that what Congress demands to him to complete but accurate story.